IES Immobilien-Projektentwicklung GmbH


Innvation, Efficiency, Social Responsibility

We abide by the principles of Innovation, Efficiency and Social Responsibility during project development and -management. These factors form the basis of our company philosophy and significantly shape our mission statement.

For us, innovation means developing a new product-/market combination for each project instead of repeating and copying prefabricated ideas. We see ourselves as pioneers in this area. Our efficiency requirements extend beyond the project development phase alone. We develop projects that operate according to sustainable resource-saving principles while making a beneficial contribution to urban development. The highest quality standards are a matter of course for us.

In accordance with our commitment to social responsibility, we want our development projects to provide added value by creating positive external effects, not only for project clients and users, but also for an extended circle of involved parties.

We do not shy away from taking on particularly demanding projects since we are confident in our ability to realise these projects according to our standards on the basis of unreserved cooperation between all project partners. The congruence of interests is one of the most important issues, which we already address at project begin.

Our work method is characterised, on the one hand, by a theoretic substantiation of our ideas and goals and, on the other hand, by open cooperation with many partners from entrepreneurial practice.

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