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Career at IES

Karriere bei IES

In addition to elements of traditional project development, IES also provides services in the areas of top management consulting and investment banking. Rankings often show these latter areas to be the most favoured jobs of high potential individuals. In a sense, we combine both – and offer even more.

Whether you are developing a strategy for a new real estate project, advising investors about real estate investments or working on setting up a real estate fund – we can guarantee variety and internationality in addition to a steep learning curve and teamwork. Each project is unique, and consistently exceptional results are expected every time. We are therefore looking for employees with sharp minds coupled with a strong realisation mentality.

In addition to theoretical excellence and a “hands-on” mentality – all our employees also have a strong desire to make a difference and take on responsibility.

Even though IES often requires above-average commitment, we do realise that a happy and balanced private life is important for the wellbeing of the employee and even for long-term professional success.

One must continually revaluate past successes, develop improvement opportunities within the team and implement ideas even in the face of resistance in order to achieve peak performance. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in our team if you embrace challenges and welcome opportunities for advancement!

Whom we are looking for

Regardless of the specific position, we expect our employees to provide qualitative and not just quantitative reinforcement to our company. We are looking for employees who think and act proactively, demonstrate exceptional analytical skills in getting to the root of problems and exhibit potential for improvement – in your own area as well as comprehensively.

Do you want to accomplish more than others; do you view on-the-job performance as a positive challenge and see discussions as a basis for achieving win-win solutions? Does critical feedback motivate you to do even better next time?

We would be happy to receive your application if your resume provides a positive answer to these questions.

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