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e.motion is a society that helps children and adolescents suffering from cancer to regain strength and overcome their illness. e.motion offers equotherapy in which horses are used for therapeutic purposes. This type of therapy is based on the special ability of horses to recognise non-verbal bodily signals. It boosts self-confidence, improves concentration and learning skills and promotes general mobility.
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mirno more Friedensflotte

mirno more is an organisation for socio-pedagogical peace projects. The society organises an annual “peace fleet”, which provides a meeting place for children and adolescents whose path to adulthood is somewhat difficult. “Mirno more” – the peaceful ocean – was founded in the early 90s as a peaceful countermeasure to the violent conflict in the Balkans. The scope of activities has widened and currently includes projects for war orphans, disabled persons, delinquent adolescents and other marginalised groups.
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Experimonde "Werkstadt Meidling"

IES supports the society Experimonde and the interim usage project "Werkstadt Meidling" by making vacant properties at Spittelbreitengasse 34, 1120 Vienna available to the organisation. The project provides an unusual space in Vienna to realise creative projects and ideas. "Werkstadt Meidling” combines various arts, cultures and crafts, offering a creative space to both young and old alike. The project supports children and adolescents from difficult social backgrounds and contributes to the daily revitalisation of the city district. Interesting and inspiring events take place regularly at “Werkstadt Meidling“.
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